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‘Omaha South chose me’

Johnson prioritizes integrity on and off the field
Johnson is ready to coach his team on to bigger and better things.

Djuan Johnson’s coaching journey is one of power and motivation. With a great passion for the game and an amazing ability to inspire his players, Johnson has become an inspiring figure in the world of coaching. From a humble start to great success, his story is about never giving up, being the best version of yourself, and helping his athletes reach their full potential. In this interview, we dive into the remarkable career of Johnson, exploring his thoughts on this season and next, his coaching methods, and more.  

When asked about his decision to come coach at Omaha South, special education teacher Johnson reflected on the circumstances that led him to Omaha South High.  

“Omaha South chose me,” he said. Recognizing the excitement of being part of an amazing school with an amazing program, Johnson made a choice to embark on a new chapter in his coaching career. With a journey of years of hard work and dedication, he thought about ending his coaching career at Omaha South, an opportunity to leave a mark on the program that has embraced him. Through these words, Johnson’s connection to the school and the impact it has on his coaching journey becomes clear, showing a commitment to both personal growth and the success of his players. 

When talking about his coaching philosophy, Johnson emphasizes the importance of teaching and planting integrity in his players. For him, integrity is an important value that extends beyond the field. Johnson passionately expresses his belief in the significance of how his athletes carry themselves when no one is watching. He expects the same behavior in the classroom as well as on the field, emphasizing the approach he takes in helping their character development.  

“Some key values and principles I try to instill in my players is integrity. I’m very big on integrity. I care about how they handle themselves when no one is looking and if they act the same in the classroom and on the field.” By stressing the importance of actions and values being the same no matter where they are, Johnson said he wants to create well-rounded individuals who show integrity in every aspect of their lives. It is through these core values that Johnson wants to not only shape skilled athletes, but also to mold responsible and respectful young men. 

When asked about his approach to developing players’ skills on the field, Johnson provided great insights into his coaching methods. He said he believes in teaching his players to identify the kind of player they aspire to become, encouraging them to reflect on their own strengths and areas for improvement. By focusing on self-improvement, Johnson emphasized that success in football is not only dependent on physical features or characteristics like height or strength. Instead, it rests on the significance of a player’s mindset and the passion they bring to the game.  

“Some strategies or techniques I use to develop players’ skills and improve themselves on the field is by going by who they see in the mirror. What kind of player they want to be and how will they try to improve themselves to be better. There are no specific needs for football like height or strength, but it matters where your heart is at, and I think that’s important for them to know so they can improve.” Johnson said he takes pride in helping his players’ personal growth by teaching and planting in them the motivation and tools to continue to better themselves. Through this approach, Johnson said he encourages a sense of ownership and self-belief, encouraging his players to reach their full potential on and off the field. 

When talking about his goals for the previous season and looking ahead to the future, Johnson said he cares most about his players’ happiness and making sure they are well taken care of. For the past season, his main objective was to provide a memorable and fulfilling experience for the seniors on his team. Understanding that this year was their final year, Johnson aimed to make sure they had fun and were able to end their high school football journey on their own terms. 

 “The goal I had for this past season was to get my seniors through. I wanted to make sure that they had fun for their final year and that they went out the way they wanted to.” Looking ahead to the next season, he wants to make sure everyone feels included and has a great time in a fun atmosphere. Johnson said he visualizes a top-tier football program that not only focuses on winning but also emphasizes the development and enjoyment of each player. “The goals I have for next year are that everyone gets to have fun and experience a top-tier football program.” 

When asked to recall a coaching moment or a time when he made a significant impact on a player, Johnson reflected on the bittersweet aspect of coaching. He shared that the hardest thing about being a coach is the inevitable separation at the end, leaving behind the young men he has helped and guided.  

“The hardest part about coaching is taking the job and having to leave your kids behind when you or they are finished,” he said. However, Johnson said he finds fulfillment in knowing that he has made a difference in their lives. Each year, he witnesses the players’ responses and hears their words, which shows the impact he has had on them. This year, in particular, he said he cherishes the heartfelt expressions of gratitude and acknowledgment from his players, showing the influence he has had since joining the program.  



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  • A

    AngelaJan 12, 2024 at 8:25 pm

    He has always been consistently an upright coach. He has made sure that his players were student-athletes. He cares about his players on and off the field. Coach is a stand up man.

  • S

    Shontong81Jan 11, 2024 at 10:32 am

    have an awesome season!!